3 Search Ways to find buyer and their Emails via Customs Data

3 Search Ways to find buyer and their Emails via Custom Data

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The business world is like a battlefield, and customs data has become a crucial resource for many small and medium-sized enterprises who want to have international businesses. Only by truly mastering it can one seize the opportunity to develop customers. However, most people still feel unfamiliar with this tool, and even doubt whether “customs data” can really be used to develop overseas B2B markets. Today, let us help you clear the doubts and understand the import and export opportunities that “customs data”can bring to you!


What is Customs Data?

What exactly is “customs data”? It is actually import and export statistics data released by customs authorities of various countries. As the data is provided by official sources, it possesses a certain level of authenticity. For small-to-medium enterprises engaged in international trade, it is a tool that can help them develop customers and analyze the B2B market.

“Customs data” typically provides the following information: Importers and Exporters, HS code, Product description, Quantity, Weight, Declared value and transaction details. This customs data facilitates small-to-medium enterprises in conducting market analysis for international trade, helping them explore potential B2B markets.Customs Data

Three advantages of Customs Data

As such an important tool for analyzing international B2B markets in foreign trade, what advantages does customs data have in developing overseas business opportunities? The key lies in the following three major advantages.

1. Expanding potential customers through “competitor search”

From customs data, you can see the import and export situation of competitors and obtain information such as their company name, exporting product, transaction quantity, dates and price. This allows small-to-medium enterprises to analyze the transaction status of competitors and enables them to adjust marketing strategies in a timely manner based on past data analysis.

For example, by searching for the manufacturer name “CIPHERLAB” , we can find out that they have transactions with the India customer “DELMON SOLUTIONS, with the highest transaction proportion. By clicking on the details, we can also see the transaction amount and quantity.

Customs Data-“DELMON SOLUTIONS” has the highest transaction with “CIPHERLAB”

▲Customs Data-“DELMON SOLUTIONS” has the highest transaction with “CIPHERLAB”

Customs Data-Finding “product details”, “amount” and “quantity” from B/L
Finding “product details”, “amount” and “quantity” from B/L
2. Developing new customers through “product description” 

By typing “lounge chair” in the product description field and selecting “buyer” and the country “United States,” we can find 2,703 buyers who have purchased lounge chairs. From this list, we can select suitable buyers for further customer development.

3. Grasp existing customer loyalty

You must be very interested in knowing the transaction loyalty of existing customers, whether it is close cooperation, or there is a crisis of trust in turning orders to multiple peer manufacturers. 

We can search for the customer’s company name to find out whether the existing customers have imported similar products from other buyers. If so, what kind of products are they? Cross-analyze the differences between the other party’s products and ours. If this type of product is not yet provided by the company, it can be considered for inclusion in the new product line.

On the contrary, if the product is indeed existing in the company but has not been purchased from the company, it can also be recommended to customers. Provide customers with products they need in a timely manner to consolidate the cooperative relationship with customers.

How to Develop Customers with Customs Data

So how to develop customers with customs data? The key lies in the search strategy. We have sorted out 2 search directions and 3 query methods for you to refer to.

Search by Buyer and Supplier

1. Search from【Buyers】

When searching in customs data, you will find that these data are the customs bill of lading data of both buyers and sellers. Enterprises can analyze through real transaction data which overseas buyers need for their products, and evaluate who are the powerful buyers according to the purchase quantity and purchase times per year, and then they can start to develop customers. 

For example, after we choose “Buyer”, then search for the product “Access Controller” through “product , we can find 4077 buyers in the global market. You can click on bill of lading details to tell whether this customer is a target customer or a frequent buyer .

Customs Data-Search“Access Controller”find 4077 buyers
SearchAccess Controller”find 4077 buyers

2. Search for “Supplier” Trade Partners
Enterprises can also use bill of lading data to understand the peer competitors’s buyer, thereby analyzing the procurement items, quantity, and procurement cycle of these buyers, to discover potential manufacturers and actively develop overseas customers at the right time.

For example, search for the product “Access Controller”, but change it to “Supplier”and we find a supplier named “TEPG PTE. LTD”, we review its buyer and find “ Tyco Fire” are top 1 buyer . We can use this method to quickly know their main buyers worldwide and contact those buyers.

Customs Data-finding competitor’s main buyers
Finding competitor’s main buyers
Search by Company Name, Product Description, HS CODE

1. Product Description
When you first use customs data, the most common practice is to query “product”. You can directly enter the product name in the search field, and then the customs data system will list all the buyers and suppliers who need this product, such as company name, contact information, purchase date and quantity, etc., so that business owners can find business opportunities from it and start overseas development.

2. Company Name
You can also directly enter the company name in the search field. At this time, the customs data system will list all import and export data about this company, company website, contact information, etc., allowing business owners to discover new business opportunities from it.


When choosing HS CODE query, you can find information about foreign buyers who have purchased this product and have demand, including company name, official website, contact information, purchasing date and quantity, etc., allowing small and medium business owners to formulate plans for developing customers in the international foreign trade B2B market. 

How to search for HS CODE, you can refer to the following two search platforms: :
【Foreign Trade HS Code】
【Ministry of Finance Customs Administration 】

One-Click to Find Keyman

From our “Customs Data”, after finding potential customers, just press Build into CRM, you can save this customer as a important contact to use later, which is convenient for business to see whether this company has a suitable Keyman to contact, and then select the important Keyman to do EDM Marketing, then use tracking system to know the email reading status.

Email Finder-Finding potential customers,and save to “CRM”

Finding potential customers,and save to “CRM”
Email Finder-Find Keyman
▲Finding Optex Keyman
Use Email Marketing, to track the email reading status
Use Email Marketing, to track the email reading status

More Customs Data Introduction

Schedule a DEMO to know Customs Data

Our “Customs Data”, using AI to provide accurate customer lists for international trade business owners, to help small and medium enterprises to accelerate the efficiency of customer development and seize export opportunities. It also has the function of building B2B leads.

After finding useful company information, you can know the main contact person of this company by “Email Finder”, which is convenient for subsequent market development.If you are interested in “Customs Data”, please contact our Whatsapp to schedule an online DEMO with us. 英文預約介紹圖


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